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How to Choose the Right Jewish Dating Website

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Are you looking for someone special? If your Jewish faith or ethnicity are important to you when you’re thinking of the future, you may wish to consider using a Jewish dating website. Millions of people of Jewish faith or heritage, from all over the world, have signed up to Jewish dating websites in search of friendship, romance or marriage.

If you are Jewish (in faith or heritage) and would like to join a dating website that is dedicated to helping Jewish people connect online, then there are several sites to choose from.

We’ve found the best of them, explored what they have to offer and have now made up our minds as to which are the greatest among them. Each of these sites has something different to offer, so it’s worth reading several reviews before you go forth and explore.


Jewish Online Dating versus Standard Online Dating

Some of these websites are part of well-established online dating networks with years of experience of looking after the needs of their members in a variety of niches. For example, JewishFriendFinder.com is part of the FriendFinder network, while JewishMatch.com is powered by SuccessfulMatch.com. Both are massive networks of several thousand websites which have access to a large range of online dating communities (mainstream, niche, regional, etc.).

The real difference with the sites we’ve reviewed in this category is that they each have a substantial Jewish membership and the way in which you can set up your profile or search for members has been adapted to cater for Jewish singles. For example, you can often choose from a range of Jewish ethnicities and religious beliefs, whereas on mainstream sites this is much more limited. We appreciate that it can be hard for non-specialists to distinguish the good dating websites from the not-so-good dating websites.

Our Mainstream Online Dating Buying Guide outlines the kind of features which characterize top-rated dating websites. It also explains some online dating terminology which you may not have encountered before. We hope that you find it helpful when finding a Jewish dating website that will work well for you.

However, we assume you’re here because you’re interested in checking out what Jewish dating sites have to offer. Well, you’ve come to the right place, but before you go storming into the maelstrom, we have a few recommendations regarding how we’ve reviewed these sites.


Chances of getting a date

We consider the likelihood of you actually finding a date. After all, that’s what you’re looking for, right? We check the membership numbers, search options and site activity to get a decent idea of how many people are genuinely looking for a date and using a website to do so. There’s no point in using a dating site if nobody else does! We also think about how you can communicate with other members and if you get any help in identifying matches. You’ll find that a few of the sites in this category offer human (as opposed to automated) matching services, linking you up with people who they think will float your boat.



This can be really important. Features are basically the tools on the website that allow you to build your profile and chat with others. So, if you’re interested in talking in real time rather than sending emails, you’ll want to find a site that offers an instant messenger. Perhaps you’re also interested in uploading a short video to introduce yourself? This is also possible. We discuss several of the key features for each website in our “editor’s verdict” section of each review, however you can also find a quick breakdown of the main features listed on each site review. Perhaps more than any other dating website category, Jewish dating sites seem to offer members the opportunity to provide a lot of information about themselves on their profile page. If self expression is important to you, you’ll find that you will be able to do this on a lot of the websites we’ve looked at in this category. 


Quality/size of members' photos

For many people a significant part of choosing a date can be someone’s appearance. Uploading a decent photo will help you to get a lot more attention from potential dates, and it’s likely that most people won’t want to meet up without first knowing that you appear how you’ve described yourself. All of the websites we’ve found will allow you to upload photos, some even allowing you to create folders which you can allow special individuals to access. Dating sites where members don’t have photos are something to be a little cautious of, as it’s usually a sign that the members signed up but don’t use the website.


Navigation and registration

If you’re new to online dating then it can be important that a site is easy to use. As we mentioned, many of the Jewish dating sites allow you to provide lots of information about yourself, and some even require you to do so before you can use the site. Subsequently it’ll take longer to register, but the pay off should be worth the effort. The more information you can provide about yourself, the more attention you can attract and the more accurate your romantic matches are likely to become. 


Value for money

Whilst some of the websites we’ve listed are cheaper than others, this doesn’t necessarily mean they offer good value for money. Some of the more expensive sites have a much greater range of useful features, as well as more members. Some even offer bespoke personal matching services. We consider all of the factors we’ve mentioned above, and whether or not we feel the site offers good value (rather than simply being cheap). 


The bottom line

That’s all you need to keep in mind for now. Online dating can be fun, as well as providing real opportunities to meet like-minded single Jewish people. Take a look at several reviews, try several sites out (they all offer a free basic membership) and see which one works best for you. Good luck, and who knows – perhaps you’ll be breaking a glass beneath your foot sooner than you think!