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5 Ways to Improve Your Jewish Dating Profile

So you’ve signed up to a Jewish dating website, and you’re ready to get chatting to a few potential dates? That’s great! But hold on a moment, because their first port of call will be your profile page, and if that’s not up to scratch then you might be wasting an opportunity. Your dating profile page is your passport to dates, your advertisement to the world of single Jews, and it’s vital to get it working properly on your behalf. So, here are 5 ways you can improve your Jewish dating website profile page…


1: Complete your profile

An incomplete profile page is a sad thing, and a very bad idea for your chances of landing dates. An incomplete profile says, “I’m not serious about finding a date” and “I can’t really be bothered”, which is immediately starting you off poorly. In addition, the information you’re missing from your profile page will prevent potential dates from finding you. If you add your hobbies, interests, preferences and more, the system uses that information to hunt you down when other members are searching for dates. So, spend a little more time making sure you’ve provided as much information as possible, and leave no question unanswered.


2: Photos

Whilst there are some members who actively seek others without photos, this tends not to be the case for most Jewish dating site users. Uploading photos will increase the number of people who find your profile page, mainly because people often search for “profiles with photos”. If you don’t have any, you’ll be excluded from those results. A well shot photo can show your best features, as well as letting other members know a little bit about what you enjoy (if you’re on holiday, or playing a sport, hiking or just chilling out, for example). If you feel nervous about uploading a photo of your face, the site may allow you to upload something else, like a more artistic shot from another angle – check their rules!


3: Video greetings

Not all Jewish dating websites allow you to upload videos as greetings to your profile pages, but some do. A video greeting feels more engaging, it grabs the attention of visitors, and members may then be more likely to stick around to read your full profile. It also gives them a sense of your personality, and they might be even more attracted to your voice and mannerisms (than just your still image, which is what a photo relies on). Obviously, you’ll need a web cam and microphone to produce a greeting video, but it could really be worth your time and effort in the long-run.

4: Faith

Although some Jewish dating sites are used by non-Jews, or Jews who don’t consider themselves particularly religious, many members are practitioners of their faith. As such, it can be a good idea to mention your faith and how it manifests in your life. Do you attend the synagogue regularly, have you been on any religious journeys, is it vital that your dates are religious, or are you more relaxed about this part of your life? Although you may not want to go overboard, it’s a good idea to make it clear what you’re looking for from a potential partner, and how important your faith is in your life. This will help you to avoid misfires with dates who share very different opinions on their religion.


5: Be yourself

It’s a bit of a cliché, but being yourself is the best way to find dates who will suit your personality and lifestyle. If you prefer sitting in watching movies, rather than going clubbing every weekend, don’t pretend otherwise. If you lie, you could end up on dates with people who are totally inappropriate for you. Another tip is to be as personal and personable as you can when completing your profile. Talk about your interests, lifestyle, what you’re looking for in life, and anything else you’re comfortable talking about. It’s all about finding someone who suits your preferences, not changing who you are or putting on a visage.


The lowdown…

Your profile page is one of the most important parts of your online dating life. Make sure you complete it, adding photos and videos if you feel comfortable doing so. It can also be worth discussing your faith and expectations, but ultimately you should just be yourself – there’s someone out there for everyone! Good luck!

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