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5 Best Icebreakers for Chatting to Members on Jewish Dating Sites

We’ve all been there: you’ve taken a shine to someone you’ve just met, but you don’t quite know how to break the ice. This can be even more taxing online, where you may feel you have no connection with a person, or that they might just not be interested in you. If you’re using a Jewish dating site and experiencing cold feet, don’t fret! You’re on a dating site, after all, so people expect to be approached about potential dates. So sit back and relax, we’ve a few tips for how to break the ice if you want to chat to members on Jewish dating websites…


1: Common interests

One of the best ways to start a conversation with someone, is to talk about an interest you have in common. Offline, this is difficult because (unless you’re at some kind of hobby group) you don’t know what a person’s interests are. But, on a Jewish dating website, that information is provided on their profile! Simply read their profile page and learn about them. If you have a common interest, there’s your starting point. Send a friendly message, introducing yourself, and showing an interest in something they’re passionate about. It’s a great way to bridge that gap and to start chatting.


2: Community options

If private messages aren’t working out too well so far, have you tried exploring the site’s community pages? You can find public chats on all sorts of topics, or even find pages where local meet-up events are being organized. Group chats allow you to talk in a more relaxed situation, because you’re probably discussing a non-dating topic, and it won’t be so intense as a 1 on 1 message. If you happen to click with someone during a forum debate or discussion, you could later send them a private message to see if they’d like to chat in a more private space, and you’ve already got plenty in common by that point.


3: Games and matches

Some Jewish dating sites provide alternate features (such matching services, personality tests, co-op or competitive games and more) which are designed to get you talking. You can chat whilst engaged in another activity, which reduces the pressure on the conversation as you both have a common goal or distraction. Matching services also offer a way to get conversations started, as you can see members who are (according to the site’s algorithms) great matches for you. Some sites may even allow you to choose whether or not you’re interested in talking to your matches. If you want to chat, and they want to chat with you, the service puts you in touch with each other.


4: Video greetings

Your Jewish dating website might allow you to upload various media to your profile page, including videos and video greetings. A video greeting is your way of welcoming visitors to your profile page, and it also shows them what you might be like in person. Whilst a still image shows your appearance, a video allows you to use your voice and mannerisms to entice members. Thereafter, they may read your profile and get in touch with you based on what they’ve seen or heard. Likewise, you can visit a member’s profile page, watch their video, read their profile, and then contact them based on what you’ve just found out.


5: Judaism

Jewish dating websites are designed for people to meet single Jews online, so it makes sense that many of them may want to talk about their religious faith. If you find a member you like the sound of, and they mention their faith, you could always talk to them about this as it’s something you have in common. Although religion might not be the most attractive topic for a date, it can be important to a lot of people, and it’s also a foot in the door which allows other conversations to continue afterwards.


The lowdown…

Essentially, breaking the ice is all about finding commonality. Is there something which you have in common, and might you want to start a discussion based on that? Your faith could be a starting point, but your hobbies and interests are also great places to start. If private messages aren’t your thing, you could always take to the community forums to meet members, or even comment on a member’s videos or photos to see if you get a response. Most of all, it’s about being yourself and having fun – this is a dating site, after all, so just remember that, normally, members want to be contacted. Give it a go!

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