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3 Ways to Secure Your Private Information on a Jewish Dating Site

Chatting to exciting single Jewish members on Jewish dating sites is fun, but – as with many websites – there’s always a risk that your private information could be stolen. Usually, protecting your personal data just requires a little common sense, but there are a few things you might not think of. So, in a bid to help you keep your information secure, here are three things to be aware of when using a Jewish dating website…


1: Don’t over share

This first tip covers two areas: your profile/public chats, and private messaging. Firstly, it’s a bad idea to post any private information on a public forum or on your profile page. These can be accessed by any members, and you never know who could be out there for devious reasons. That’s part of the reason why dating sites ask for a username, rather than your real name. Try to avoid being too specific about where you are and what you’re doing, as this could put your personal safety into risk. Secondly, be wary of what you say in private chats, especially if you don’t know a member well. Never give out your banking information, and although it might seem like a good idea to hand out your phone number, consider carefully whether or not you’d like this person to call you any time of the night or day. It’s usually recommended that you do not give out this kind of contact information (including your personal email address) on dating sites.


2: Social media friend requests

It’s quite common to be asked for your social media details (such as becoming friends on Facebook or other sites), but it’s often recommended that you consider this carefully, especially if you haven’t known someone for long. The more forms of information you provide, the more of a complete picture someone can build of you. If they want to blackmail you, try to scam you, or get your information for other purposes, allowing them through your social media door is a good way for them to do this. Often, allowing someone to become a friend on social media, means they can post on your walls and see what you’re sharing, which may only be information for your friends and family, rather than random interests from dating sites.


3: Photo-aware

Personal data doesn’t just come in written forms. Your photos and videos can tell someone a lot about you, including where you live, work and visit. Consider what’s in your photos, and how much of a profile could be built from the images within them. Are you wearing an employee uniform and name badge? Are you outside your home where we can see a road sign? These small pieces of information can add up, and you don’t want to advertise your location to everyone on a dating site. Another issue to consider, is whether you’re happy to share your photos with people. You might be asked for more photos from individuals (perhaps even more intimate photos) and this can come with its own risks. It’s easy to be caught up in the excitement of a dating site, but we advise caution when giving out any kind of personal information, including photos.


The lowdown…

Before handing out any information online, stop and think. Could this information be used against you in any way? Can you really trust this person? If you’re ever in doubt, contact the customer care team for support, and make sure you read their safety guides in advance. Whilst most members should have no problems when using a Jewish dating site, it’s always a good idea to be a little vigilant and risk-averse. Don’t share your personal details on your profile, in group chats or in private messages; avoid sharing social media information until you’re sure you trust someone, and take a second look at your media content to make sure it doesn’t provide clues to your life and whereabouts.

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