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3 Ways to Pick Your Ideal First Date when Using a Jewish Dating Site

If you’ve managed to meet someone special on a Jewish dating website, and you’re ready for that all-important first date, congratulations! We hope it goes swimmingly, and is the beginning of something great for you. But have you decided where you’ll go and what you’ll do? Face it, a trip to the movies is old-hat, and – frankly – a bit boring (come on, you’re sitting in the dark, in silence). So, how can you pick a date which will help you to learn about each other, have a bit of fun, and hopefully provide enough spark for a follow-up date? We’ve a few suggestions on how to go about choosing your ideal first date, so take a read…


1: Have a chat about it

It isn’t rocket science, is it? “Our first date” is a great topic of conversation, and a good way for you both to become excited and invested in your first meet-up. If you’re stuck for ideas, why don’t you come up with three ideas each and then discuss each one? They might have an idea you’d never have thought of, after all. If you’re still struggling, you could ask a friend, or check out your Jewish dating site’s forum pages, asking for suggestions.


2: Common interests

A good way to pick a date activity is to consider what kinds of things you both enjoy. If you have a hobby in common, you could always try that as it’ll be a fun experience for both of you. If nothing in particular comes to mind, consider whether you have a compatible quality (such as both of you enjoying to chill out at home, or the fact that you both enjoy nature) and think of an activity which can suit that quality. Whilst we mocked going to the movies, it’s actually a fine date if you’re both really into film and want to discuss it later. If you can’t really identify a common interest, why not share one of your interests with a date, or ask if they could show you something they’re interested in? This is a great opportunity to learn about each other, and the sorts of different things you enjoy.


3: Wild card

Sometimes, a little mystery and randomness can be a great thing. A wildcard date is simply this: go on a date which you’d never normally try. This could push you both out of your comfort zone and encourage you to engage as people who are experiencing something new and different. Another benefit of a wildcard date, is that neither of you knows what to expect, so it will all seem new and exciting. This can be really important if you’ve been on lots of dates, as they can sometimes become a bit ‘samey’, and you will want to stand out from the crowd! If you’re short on ideas, why not check out lists of things to do in your area, and select options which you’ve never done before?


The lowdown…

Choosing a good first date is really important, because if you don’t click on that date then you may not go on another. Whilst romantic meals are fine, it’s likely that you’ve both been on plenty of those before. Why not think about what each of you most enjoys, talk over your options to get a bit of buzz going, or even just throw your hat into the ring and go on a date that’s a bit more unusual? Dates are meant to be enjoyable, so do something which you’ll have fun with, and hopefully that second date won’t be far around the corner…!

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